My name is Mark Kane and I am dedicated to providing professional voiceover services for various types of projects.

I specialize in imaging, promos, drops, and commercials for radio and television, however I am willing to try anything. While my primary area of focus is broadcast (including Internet radio and podcasts), I also do voice work for movie trailers, websites, phone prompts/IVR, and short narration/presentation type projects -- basically anything that announces to the listener or viewer.

My voice has a few different main styles and several variations of those. Voice styles include an upbeat, energetic, and "in your face" announcer type, a slightly less upbeat but still powerful variation, a deeper and more serious style, and a calm neutral style. I only speak English and my voice does not have any particular accent -- just American sounding.

My home base studio is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Central US timezone) and I am available to record on any day of the week. Finished work can be delivered via the Internet in all popular file formats or via FedEx on a DAT or CD/DVD.

Please listen to my demos and contact me today to let me know how I can help your production!